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Work with us, we are hiring! 2 internships in Systems Engineering

CAPSiDE, systems engineering company with high expertise, is offering 2 internships in its SysAdmins Team.

As an intern you will join our first level support, where you will:

  • Learn to listen and understand the inquiries and problems of the clients.
  • Learn in deep by solving real problems and operating DNS, FTP, mail servers, web servers, virtualization systems and database servers, in Linux and Windows environments.

You will work guided by a senior engineer, who will help you acquire and master the technologies that you will eventually use if you are finally chosen to join the stable team. Once the internship is finished (6 months), the best candidates will join the CAPSiDE’s SysAdmins Team, where they will have the opportunity to:

  • Have fun working in a highly technical environment, with some of the best systems engineers you can find and learning every day.
  • Learn through ongoing training by the company in multiple technologies (network, databases, operating systems, clustering systems…)
  • Manage critical systems for our customers, many of them from leading companies of their industry.
  • Build complex systems for mission-critical projects.
  • Analyze and improve systems’ performance, and help automate the systems management.
  • Interact with clients, understanding their needs and find and design the best technological solution.
  • Respond to incidents, diagnose their root cause and fix the underlying problems, designing improvements to avoid the problems to be repeated.


  • Good written and spoken English
  • Knowing how to properly express yourself writing
  • Ability to work as a team
  • Be willing to learn a lot and quickly
  • Knowledge in programming, if you can code in Perl, Shell Script and/or PowerShell is a plus
  • Enjoy the intellectual challenge, the technical difficulties… and Futurama

We know that we are searching for people to cover internship positions and that it is not likely that you have any real experience in any of these areas, but if you’ve been working or experimenting with some of the following technologies on your own and you liked it, you have the profile for the position:

  • TCP/IP Networks
  • Linux
  • High availability and clustering
  • Web servers: Apache, Lighttpd, NGINX
  • Programming Languages: Perl, PHP, Java, Python, Shell Script, PowerShell, C#
  • Databases: MySQL, Postgres, MS SQL Server, MariaDB, Oracle… and some No-SQL
  • Mail Servers: qmail, postfix, exim, sendmail
  • DNS Servers: bind, tinydns

You will learn all these technologies… and others that you may have never heard of: DRBD, Galera, MS Integration Services, HA-Proxy, Perlbal, Gearman, Catalyst, Mojolicious, Pacemaker… and many more!

Working Hours: part-time, flexible hours

Workplace: Barcelona

To stand as a candidate, please send an email with your introduction letter and attach your CV (even better if you have it in English!) to:


Pau Puig es Ingeniero Informático por la Facultad de Informática de Barcelona (FIB/UPC), titulado por ESADE en Marketing Management y responsable de marketing y comunicación (CMO) en CAPSiDE.

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902 877 803 / +34 934 266 731 hello@capside.com